Saturday, August 11, 2012

Travel Junky No.2: A Road Trip to Michigan

If  I could spend my life traveling, shopping, and eating I would die a happy woman. Unfortunately, right now there is a little more to my life than that, but I still get to travel quite frequently. My husband and I take a trip every year (at least we try) to our family cottage in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. It's a quiet little paradise, but the memories are abundant. This year, instead of flying (im still jetlagged from my trip to Europe) we decided to drive the 18 hours from Richmond to Michigan. IT WAS A BLAST!!!! On our way there we stopped and spent the night in Pennslyvania and then stayed in the U.P. for 9 days. Our our way back home we made a 2 day pitstop in Detroit to catch a tigers game (my husband is a huge fan of anything Michigan). There were tons of little stops in between.We had the time of our lives. In fact, Im kind of depressed tht I can't just be a nomad for the rest of my life. Huhhhhh. Someday! Anywho, here are a few clicks from my camera of our journey. ENJOY!

How much is gas, how long does it take to drive to Michigan, Is it cheaper to drive or fly
Me and Ryan (hubby) at the "Big House"

Go Blue

What are healthy snacks
Road Food

Mackinac Bridge

Double Rainbows at the cottage

the scenery

Sailing on Lake Surperior

The Boat
Riding Dirty (no doors)

Getting geared up to go kayaking

The start of out 4.75 mile kayak trip

Nights at the cottage

Arrived in Detroit, Windsor Canada in the Horizon


Our Hotel in Detroit

Dinner at the MGM

Let's go Tigers

WE WON!!!!!

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