Friday, October 14, 2011

Beauty Junky: BeautyMint Prelaunch

If you have been obsessing over JewelMint for the past year like I have. You probably were just as excited as I was to know they are still innovating and bringing new products to our computer screen every week. They have launced this past summer their StyleMint website, and now they are embarking on another sister company Beautymint. BeautyMint will run just like their affliated websites. Well, just like all their other company this one is celebrity branded. Adding Jessica Simpson to the host of familiar faces that are representing the brand. You can see more info about what is to come with the hyperlink below. Including how to get $ off BeautyMint purchases and a chance to win a trip to LA. Enjoy and stay beautiful!


Thursday, October 6, 2011

Handbag Junky: Classicly on Trend

Finding a handbag is not an easy task, especially for me. I am extremely picky to say the least!!! I Don't like too many bells and whistles. I tend to go for classic shapes, and styles that are classic or iconic to the brand. Thus, ensuring that they will never go out of style. I like chunky hardware, but it can't be everywhere.  I also want them to be spacious and sturdy. Ok enough with the checklist!

So, while on the hunt for my perfect handbag for this fall; I stopped at J.Crew. I was able to score their Newsstand tote, in black leather, and at a ridiculously low price. It has everything that I love in a bag. The soft black leather, the space, the shape, and bronze hardware was everything that I was searching for!!!!! The bag was orginally $198 online, but I stopped in my local J.Crew store and saw that it was on sale for $99, but wait it gets better. I managed to strike up a rather interesting convo with one of the girls that worked there. Needless to say, a few laughs and a high five later, I managed to score this bag for $60. Its so easy to make friends when there are cute clothes surrounding you! fashion.junkies.united!!!!!!! woooo hooooooo.
Bag Deatils and Images can be seen here:

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Happy Junky: Everything that Glitters is....ROSE GOLD!

In a recent trip to NYC, I managed to finally snag this Michael Kors watch that I have been lusting over for the past few months. My heart and my debit card fianlly reached and agreement on the price. So, everyones is happy. MK did a great job with this watch and will be in my collection for years to come. There is even more of a reason to purchase the watch; its one of Rachel Zoe's picks on Runway by Michael Kors
***MICHAEL KORS Rose Gold Oversized Chronograph Watch - $250 Watch can be purchased here!!!!