Thursday, January 26, 2012

Color 101: Lady Neon Sings the Hues

Color 101: A Neon Love Story

Michael Kors crepe dress
$1,995 -

Brian atwood pumps
£670 -

Satchel bag
$155 -

Adia Kibur neon necklace
$144 -

Roberto Cavalli embellished belt
£710 -

Neon Nail Polish
$6 -

£16 -

Quick Boost 101: Wheatgrass Energy Shot

Do you need a Boost of Energy!!!!! Starbucks has a wheatgrass shot that is said to give you the extra energy needed to get through the day. At my job, we have a mini Starbucks that sales them for 1.99. I was told that it gives you all the vitamins and minerals needed for the day. Most people add it to a smoothie or with juice, but Ashley was bold enough to take it in a shot form. It may look a little unappetizing, but try it out and tell me what you think!!!!!

They can also be purchased at any organic food store and other retailers like:

Whole Foods

Ellwood Thompson

Jamba Juice

Smoothie King

Testing 101: Friendships, a Love Story!

I had a good friend last week, tell me and Jeri, that we weren't really true friends because our relationship hadn't been "tested". Tested? We both looked at each other in confusion, and asked him what he meant. He said, "You guys have never been through anything, and had to recover from it and see if your relationship could stay afloat. Me and Jeri looked at each other still confused, "Do you mean like, punch her in her face, and see if she will get over it? If we get through that, then we are "real friends"? Mind you, Jeri and I have known each other for the better half of six years, and if the relationship hadn't been "tested" we thought that was amazing! To go through six plus years without having and hurdles to jump. That's a milesone. Right?

A friend should now what boundries there are, and which bridges not to burn. Knowing these things, better yet knowing your friend, allows you to avoid "testing", the friendship. So after and hour of debating this, we came to a conclusion that our good friend had a skewed view when it came to friendships. When we saw skewed, we mean, that he hasn't had the time a friendship in which he could have someone to go to in he was in a pinch, or needed advise, or just wanted to annoy. If, he did try to reach out, there was a busy signal on the other end or text awaiting a reply. There comes a point when is a great friendship is not worth testing it to see how far you can push someone off the edge, but to know the distance you have come and to know you got there without any detours.

Do you think friendships must be tested in order to validate the relationship?

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Boredom 101: Freestyle Battle Via IM.

Me and Jeri, most like the rest of the universe...when we are bored at work...we have rap battles via IM at work. Shout out to Microsoft Office Communicator for holding us down!!!Oh yeah, and God, right...every rapper has to thank God!

So here it is...Tell me who you think won...

Reynolds, Ashley

got you....A++. man Im the coolest

ice cube

4:13 PMMuhammad, Jeri L.
wacker then mase and yes i said it to ur face.

a++ mean a not nice


4:13 PMReynolds, Ashley
you weak you wack...

this my track...step back

step off

im the boss...

Rick Ross

4:15 PMMuhammad, Jeri L.
rick ross got rhymes but you cant have mines. No matter what u say, you arent smarter then ray. When i say ray i meant jamie because thats what he play. He was blind just like ur mind, but he has taste so mane get out my face!

b boy stance!

4:17 PMReynolds, Ashley
That was a smash...I mean fall...just be cause you tall don't mean you can ball...

lets face words are lame

when you come correct...get at me maine!

drops the mic...


4:19 PMMuhammad, Jeri L.
aint no crickets here because im coming at your ear. Open wide because i will feed you some rhymes. Get with the lyrics because my lyric skills are sick. But holla at ya girl when u trying to roll in my world

take that take that (diddy voice)

4:20 PMReynolds, Ashley
absolutely not...can't believe you just said that out your mouth

you pigeon you bird fly down to the winter for the south.

chirp chirp...

thats right I said it...

and I will repeat it...


4:23 PMMuhammad, Jeri L.
You making animal noises but u aint saying nothing. Speak your mind and not read some one elses rhymes. Your flow its ill not in a good way but step your game up and get on the set and do it my way

4:27 PMReynolds, Ashley
I said it before and I meant it...just because you think you lyrics are money doesn't mean you speant coming harder cause you think my ryhmes are foolery, drop a line, any line thats hotter than mine...


Monday, January 23, 2012

Food Choices 101: Bonefish Grill Happy Hour

Looking for a relaxed and fun environment with great ambience where friends can get together for a few drinks and GREAT good, well Bonefish Grill has been added to my top list for a happy hour. A few friends and I got together and indulged shamelessly. They have one of the best fish tacos I have ever tasted. Doesn't it look amazing!!!!!!!
$3.50 well drinks with top shelf choices!!!
Happy Hour: Monday-Sunday until 6:30pm!!!
Bang Wednesday: $5 bang bang shrimp. Available all day, every Wednesday!!!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Luxe Effects 101: New Essie Nail Polish

I am a creature of habit, and paint my nails every Sunday evening. While painting my nails is a weekly ritual, using a snazzy new color that is out of my comfort zone is not. This week I used my new Essie nail varnishes!  I've had my eye on Essie's new luxe effects nail polish range,especially after stalking it on a few beauty blogs. While it was a close call, I chose, "shine of the times" (luxe effect top coat), reminds me of Auroa Borealis. I also opted to go with a nude color, "topless and barefoot", which is a creamy pinky tan color. Here is how it came out...

above: (in front) "shine of the times" luxe effects top coat by Essie
above: (in back) "topless and barefoot" by Essie

This is the finished product...hard to catch all the magic, but try it for yourself!!! 
**I also managed to get this buy one get one free at my local Walgreens, not bad for an $8 manicure!!!**

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Deep Discounts 101: J.Crew Regional Warehouse Sale

If anyone is the least bit concerned about getting amazing quality garments at deeply discounted prices, then you are quite lucky to have had stumbled across our blog. J.Crew Warehouse Sale, was better this year than any previous years sale. Patience is key when you decide to parade amongst the sea of cardboard boxes, and tip toe across the fields of clothes covering the floor! We recommend shoppers to devote a minimum of 2 hours of time to make the trip worth while. This sale is not for the weak hearted. WE REPEAT...THIS SALE IS NOT FOR THE WEAK HEARTED!!! Crowds are fierce, and policies are strict, but the outcome is definitely worth the endeavor.

Luckily for us, we enjoy a great bargain, are tough girls, and being head over heals for J.Crew was just the cherry on top!!!

Sale runs through Sunday, January 22, 2012
Hours: 10AM-8PM EST
Location: Richmond, Virginia
at old Borders books at 9750 W. Broad St.

Jeans: $10
Shoes: $20
Blouses: $20
Dresses: $20
Blazers and Jackets: $15
Coats: $50 (best deal)
t-shirts: $8
jewelry: $5-$10

Prices are currently an additional 20% off the warehouse prices, so get THERE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Beer Tasting 101: Light to Dark

Being that I am the best wife ever!!! I gifted my husband for Christmas tickets and a trip to go see his favorite team, Michigan play at the Sugar Bowl. Date: January 3, 2012 Place: New Orleans, LA While we mindlessly wondered the streets, we managed to stumble across a local brewery and stopped to taste the hoppy delights. I opted for the beer sampler. For me, the best route to take when sampling beers is to go from light to dark. This ensures you give all the beers a fair chance and ratethem fairly!We know all beers are not created equally, but hey, they all deserve a fighting chance. I wish I could remember the names of each brew, but as beer would have it, I can't recall much of the outing. On the bright side, here's a pretty picture.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Happy Hour 101: Mixing Textures and Prints!

**Black and White gingham plad shirt -Ann Taylor (thrifted $2.00) **Tan and black cap toe shoes- Zara $69.99 **Blush colored tulip skirt-Gap Sale ($7.49) **Leather Cognac Belt- Gap Sale (4)6.49 **What do you like to wear to Happy Hour?**