Monday, October 29, 2012

Junky Style Files: Birthday Vixen

This past Saturday, friends drove from Northern Virginia and Norfolk Virginia to celebrate my sister Reana's birthday. She is breaking into the fashion scene so Ashley and I thought it would be an AMAZING idea to expose her a little bit more. We just had to bring out her inner Vixen! Can we say "JUNKY MAKEOVER" (round 2). 
We wanted to break her out of her comfort zone of "no make-up" and thought a bright red lipstick would be a great since it was her bday and all.We didn't use any foundation, just concealer to mask some blemishes and a very neutral eye.We decided to put her in a black pencil skirt that will show off her curves while still staying classy.We like to call it #subtlesexiness. On the top; a bustier to accentuate her small waist and all around beautiful figure. We decided to top it off with a faux leather biker jacket from Zara. Needless to say, she was getting complements ALL night long!!! 

Biker Jacket: Zara (here)
Bustier (body shapewear): Nordstrom (similar here)
Black Pencil "bodycon" Skirt: (similar here)
Shoes: J Crew (here)
Clutch: The Limited (here)

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Junky Talk: Virginia Blogger Meet & Greet

Yesterday Ashley and I met with a few fellow Richmond bloggers at a new cheese dripping and mouth watering Pizzeria in downtown Richmond called Flames 231. It was great meeting new people and especially bloggers in the area that share our common interest. There were all different genre of bloggers from sites focused on great places to eat in Richmond, style and beauty and I cant forget about DOGS. Shot out to all my animal lovers!!!!! It was just great being apart of Virginia Bloggers for the first time and many more events to come..........................  





Friday, October 19, 2012

Junky Chic Peek: b i r d i e n u m n u m

We were honered, when we received an Etsy message from b i r d i e n u m n u m saying that she was going to send Jeri and I two pieces from her collection (my mouth is still wide open). b i r d i e n u m n u m is a Chiliean designer, that makes statement accessories all by hand. YES, ENTIRELY BY HAND!!! I love that her brand keeps the intergrity of good 'ol craftmanship, and offers eye-popping chunky pieces at extremely reasonable prices!! Jeri and I were both lucky enough to receive the The triple braid necklace in orange and in Teal. TELL US WHAT YOU THINK!!  Check out her shop on or go straight to her website www.birdienumnum.clHere is how we put her pieces together.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Junky Alert: Retailer Spotlight


We love online shopping. One of our favorites online retailers is We love them for their chic vintage style!!!Currently the Golden Garden Dress is our favorite item on the site. Which looks are your favorite on Comment below!!!(there could be a future giveaway at stake here)  :)

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Junky Organization: Closet Organization Tips

Living in the historical museum district of Richmond, Virginia has its benefits, but it also has its woes. The biggest issue; closet space is obsolete! I am constantly trying to find new and innovative ways to make the most of what I have. I have used my hallway closets, created shelves, stacked clothes on top of my armoire, and have placed baskets strategically in my room. I told myself, if I stop shopping then I won’t have this problem anymore, but needless to say, that isn’t realistic. So I used a few ideas that have helped me with my storage trouble!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is not my photo

Clothing racks have saved my life. It helps with organization and a visualizing clothing options while getting dressed. Having everything color coded is a plus (Ashley has done this for years!!!)
This is not my own photo
Drawers, Drawers, Drawers!!! They are good for sectioning off jewelry or even makeup. It's a sleek and  compact way to improve your space.

This is not my own photo

Baskets are great discretely tucking away folded clothes and small accessories. This aloows the pieces to be out of the way, but still easily accessable.

 These simple yet effective storage tips have helped me, so I thought I pass them along to you.

-Jeri & Ashley

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Junky Out of the Office Reply: Wine Tasting + J.Crew Clearance Center + Jeri's Birthday


We had an amazing weekend. Jeri chose to celebrate her special day this past Saturday and Sunday in Charlottesville, Virginia. We had a ball! We started off the weekend doing a little wine tasting at Pippin Hill Farm. I nearly died when we pulled up to the winery and saw the amazing views of the mountains. Seriously, if I wasn't already married, and were planning my wedding I would have locked this place in as the wedding venue like yesterday. It was that spectacular! We were able to have 5 glasses of wine and keep one of the pippin farm wine glasses for a mere 9 bucks. After sobering up, we drove about an hour to Lynchburg, Virginia aka nowheresville aka whydopeoplestilllivehereville????? 10 points for anyone that can tell me the top 5 reasons why someone would live here (comment below). We were able to come up with 1 reason why, and that's because J.Crew Clearance center is housed here (oddly enough) and is amazing!!! There is actually 2 clearance centers in Lynchburg to be exact. In the second set of pictures above you can see that I was able to snag the Gene Bobbled Wool Sweater that retails for $138 for $30 (clearing my throat) YES 3-0. This sweater is current season for J.Crew and you can imagine how crazy I went when I saw some lady carrying MY SWEATER in the store, and it was the last one. I had Jeri stalk the lady just to make sure she wasn't going to put it down, and guess what....SHE DID, and ITS MINE (muuuuhhaaaaahaha). She went for the steal!!! I also managed to get a pair of shoes (Jayne T-strap ballet flats) for $50 that retails for $198. Jeri's sister Reana is pretty tall as you can see by the above picture and wears a size 12 when it comes to shoes. The staff at the clearance center was kind enough to bring a whole tub of size 12 shoes down for her;  we can never find size 12s for her ever. It was awesome!!! To add on to all of the amazing purchases, Jeri happened to snag the downtown field jacket that retailed for $148.00  (DRUM ROLL) for as low as $40. OMG, I KNOW!!!. She was sooo excited. She had been eyeing this jacket on J.Crew's website for weeks and now its finally hers for the LOW. Also she managed to grab J.Crew's classic number 2 pencil skirt for only $30. All I can say is that we all scored big in nowheresville!!!!Oh and did I mention they let you use your student I.D. for an additional 15% at the clearance center. Uh huh, yep I said it! Needless to day, the whole trip was EPIC and trust us,  we will be traveling back to Lynchburg very very soon!!!!!

Ashley & Jeri