Friday, October 19, 2012

Junky Chic Peek: b i r d i e n u m n u m

We were honered, when we received an Etsy message from b i r d i e n u m n u m saying that she was going to send Jeri and I two pieces from her collection (my mouth is still wide open). b i r d i e n u m n u m is a Chiliean designer, that makes statement accessories all by hand. YES, ENTIRELY BY HAND!!! I love that her brand keeps the intergrity of good 'ol craftmanship, and offers eye-popping chunky pieces at extremely reasonable prices!! Jeri and I were both lucky enough to receive the The triple braid necklace in orange and in Teal. TELL US WHAT YOU THINK!!  Check out her shop on or go straight to her website www.birdienumnum.clHere is how we put her pieces together.


  1. Those are so cute!! Another thing I'll have to add to the Etsy section of my christmas list ;)

    It was so fantastic meeting both of you ladies yesterday! I hope we can catch up again soon!!


    1. I know, Etsy is so addictive!!!! Thank so much for having us. It was nice to hang out with some folks that understood the blog world! See you soon!

      -Ashley & Jeri