Saturday, June 16, 2012

It's That Time of the Month: Junkie Cravings.

At around 4:30PM, like most afternoons, I hear the jingle of keys and the screeching of my building door and immediately jump off the coach, tip toe to the front door, and stare out the peep hole.This time it was different,  " I know he has what Im looking for". I see the postman divvy the mail from his messanger bag and i see from the corner of the peep hole he has what I have been waiting for. What could I have so eagerly been waiting for? My J.Crew catalog of course. I have been in love with J.Crew as long as I can remember, and receiving their monthly catalog or rather "Style Guide",  for those in the know, is like waiting for the September issue of your favorite magazine. Its definitely an event. In my previous post you could see that my personal style is classic, but has modernist twist. Morever, I like distictive and well-made pieces and J.Crew contines to parallel my style and visa versa.

J.Crew's July 2012 Style Guide delivered the results as expected, the pages bursted with jaw-dropping hues and the most impecable prints. So without further ado; here is what I am lusting over from J.Crew this month...

Garment-dyed vest in "Neon Peach"
Cece colorblock ballet flats in "Bright Dahlia"
Tillary purse in "Bright Mint"
Edie attaché bag in "Oasis Green"
Valentina patent pumps in "Apricot Mist"
High-waist double-serge short in "Dazzling Sun"

Post written by Ashley

Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Fashion Junkies: Meet Ashley and Jeri

What's a fashion blog without fashion? So we thought what better place to start than with us :)

First up Ashley.

Style: Classic with a twist
Style Icons: I'll take a raincheck on this one. I have so many!!
No. 1 style rule; BE YOURSELF!!!!!
This Look: Mixing patterns using classic silouettes. (pencil skirt and blouse).
Fashion Takeaway: Every curvy girl should own a pencil skirt!!!

Next up Jeri.
Style: A little bit of everything. Ask me the day of!!!!
Style Icons: Please don't make me choose. I don't want to leave anyone out!
No. 1 style rule: Go Crazy!
This Look: Basic colors with pop shoe pattern to steal the show
Fashion Takeaway: A statement shoe is a MUST have