Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Fashion Junkies: Meet Ashley and Jeri

What's a fashion blog without fashion? So we thought what better place to start than with us :)

First up Ashley.

Style: Classic with a twist
Style Icons: I'll take a raincheck on this one. I have so many!!
No. 1 style rule; BE YOURSELF!!!!!
This Look: Mixing patterns using classic silouettes. (pencil skirt and blouse).
Fashion Takeaway: Every curvy girl should own a pencil skirt!!!

Next up Jeri.
Style: A little bit of everything. Ask me the day of!!!!
Style Icons: Please don't make me choose. I don't want to leave anyone out!
No. 1 style rule: Go Crazy!
This Look: Basic colors with pop shoe pattern to steal the show
Fashion Takeaway: A statement shoe is a MUST have

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