Monday, February 27, 2012

Traveling 101: Packing Smart and Stylishly

Traveling 101: Packing Smart and Stylishly
When planning for travel, knowing what to pack is part of the battle. Choose veristle peices that can be mixed and match, but will also compliment the elements (, activities, etc). Jeri, Myself, and Jeri's sister Reana will all be travling to London this March. We are all so excited! We  will be posting traveling ideas as we prepare for this amazing trip!!!

Acne sheer blouse
$250 -

Tuxedo jacket
80 AUD -

Zara leather clutch
$159 -

Yves Saint Laurent gold plated jewelry
$1,595 -

Vintage Flag, United Kingdom
$999 -

Monday, February 13, 2012

V Day 101 : Roses are Red & Fashion is for You!

Treats for the Night 101: Valentines Day Fun!

Valentines Day is tomorrow so I have decided to create an intimate night at home. I hate going to restaurants on Valentines Day because there is always a wait whether for seating or food. So I’d rather spend that time in the comfort of my own home where I can set the scene and the mood. My idea was for my significant other and I to make dinner at home where we can eat as long as we like, not have people around us that we don’t know and most important getting extra personal time. I split the meal into 3 courses:

Grilled Chicken Kabobs over a spinach salad 
with: green/red/yellow peppers & Onions

Beef Ribs!
First Course:
Marinated Beef Ribs
Garlic baked potato casserole
Vegetable Melody

A girls favorite!
Main Course: Yes, I said main course also known as Valentines Day dessert:
Chocolate covered fruit
Red velvet Cake
Whipped Cream

So here are a few things I will be making for my Valentines Day dinner, but there are so many more ideas. A man will never run away from a nice juicy steak or some well seasoned and/or marinated chicken. Just do what you feel. Valentines Day is a  female day, but another day to show your significant other, friends and love ones how much you love and care about them!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Game Day Looks 101: 4 ways to look chic on Super Bowl Sunday

1. Sport your hair nice: You don’t want to do too much with the hair, face it, it’s a football game. But, you still want to look chic. A nice wavy curl hairstyle, either all to one side or a little bit of curl on both is another way to go. Another option is a nice chic side braid with a bang or a lot of people like to pull the hair back into a slick pony pail- Whatever works best for you. Me personally, I enjoy a head full of curls with lots of body.

2. Sport your fan gear: Some of us like to wear their favorite team jerseys. Get a team jersey with a fitted jacket. You are wearing your “fan gear” while still looking super cute. But for the rest of us, you can still wear team colors. Color blocking is a major trend so why not take that idea with sports. For example, I am rooting for the New England Patriots, so there team colors are blue, silver, red and white. A pair of red jeans with a blue and/or white top or a nice pare of blue jeans with a red top or red shoes.-Team spirit gone chic.

3.Sport a bold mouth: Bold color lips are a favorite of mine and playing around with makeup can definitely get you into the game. A bold red lipstick with your outfit will make you stand out. For those who aren’t into the jersey look, try a blue or white shirt with red lipstick. Blue jeans, a white shirt or button up with red lipstick would be give fans a run for their money

4. Get rowdy: Lastly, get violent during the game; well not literally we don’t want a situation. But, don’t be afraid to scream when your team scores or take a shot when your team kicks a field goal. The Super Bowl is a major event, so make sure your outfit screams as loud as you do!!!!!!