Thursday, February 2, 2012

Game Day Looks 101: 4 ways to look chic on Super Bowl Sunday

1. Sport your hair nice: You don’t want to do too much with the hair, face it, it’s a football game. But, you still want to look chic. A nice wavy curl hairstyle, either all to one side or a little bit of curl on both is another way to go. Another option is a nice chic side braid with a bang or a lot of people like to pull the hair back into a slick pony pail- Whatever works best for you. Me personally, I enjoy a head full of curls with lots of body.

2. Sport your fan gear: Some of us like to wear their favorite team jerseys. Get a team jersey with a fitted jacket. You are wearing your “fan gear” while still looking super cute. But for the rest of us, you can still wear team colors. Color blocking is a major trend so why not take that idea with sports. For example, I am rooting for the New England Patriots, so there team colors are blue, silver, red and white. A pair of red jeans with a blue and/or white top or a nice pare of blue jeans with a red top or red shoes.-Team spirit gone chic.

3.Sport a bold mouth: Bold color lips are a favorite of mine and playing around with makeup can definitely get you into the game. A bold red lipstick with your outfit will make you stand out. For those who aren’t into the jersey look, try a blue or white shirt with red lipstick. Blue jeans, a white shirt or button up with red lipstick would be give fans a run for their money

4. Get rowdy: Lastly, get violent during the game; well not literally we don’t want a situation. But, don’t be afraid to scream when your team scores or take a shot when your team kicks a field goal. The Super Bowl is a major event, so make sure your outfit screams as loud as you do!!!!!!

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