Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Junky Out of the Office Reply: Wine Tasting + J.Crew Clearance Center + Jeri's Birthday


We had an amazing weekend. Jeri chose to celebrate her special day this past Saturday and Sunday in Charlottesville, Virginia. We had a ball! We started off the weekend doing a little wine tasting at Pippin Hill Farm. I nearly died when we pulled up to the winery and saw the amazing views of the mountains. Seriously, if I wasn't already married, and were planning my wedding I would have locked this place in as the wedding venue like yesterday. It was that spectacular! We were able to have 5 glasses of wine and keep one of the pippin farm wine glasses for a mere 9 bucks. After sobering up, we drove about an hour to Lynchburg, Virginia aka nowheresville aka whydopeoplestilllivehereville????? 10 points for anyone that can tell me the top 5 reasons why someone would live here (comment below). We were able to come up with 1 reason why, and that's because J.Crew Clearance center is housed here (oddly enough) and is amazing!!! There is actually 2 clearance centers in Lynchburg to be exact. In the second set of pictures above you can see that I was able to snag the Gene Bobbled Wool Sweater that retails for $138 for $30 (clearing my throat) YES 3-0. This sweater is current season for J.Crew and you can imagine how crazy I went when I saw some lady carrying MY SWEATER in the store, and it was the last one. I had Jeri stalk the lady just to make sure she wasn't going to put it down, and guess what....SHE DID, and ITS MINE (muuuuhhaaaaahaha). She went for the steal!!! I also managed to get a pair of shoes (Jayne T-strap ballet flats) for $50 that retails for $198. Jeri's sister Reana is pretty tall as you can see by the above picture and wears a size 12 when it comes to shoes. The staff at the clearance center was kind enough to bring a whole tub of size 12 shoes down for her;  we can never find size 12s for her ever. It was awesome!!! To add on to all of the amazing purchases, Jeri happened to snag the downtown field jacket that retailed for $148.00  (DRUM ROLL) for as low as $40. OMG, I KNOW!!!. She was sooo excited. She had been eyeing this jacket on J.Crew's website for weeks and now its finally hers for the LOW. Also she managed to grab J.Crew's classic number 2 pencil skirt for only $30. All I can say is that we all scored big in nowheresville!!!!Oh and did I mention they let you use your student I.D. for an additional 15% at the clearance center. Uh huh, yep I said it! Needless to day, the whole trip was EPIC and trust us,  we will be traveling back to Lynchburg very very soon!!!!!

Ashley & Jeri

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