Sunday, January 22, 2012

Luxe Effects 101: New Essie Nail Polish

I am a creature of habit, and paint my nails every Sunday evening. While painting my nails is a weekly ritual, using a snazzy new color that is out of my comfort zone is not. This week I used my new Essie nail varnishes!  I've had my eye on Essie's new luxe effects nail polish range,especially after stalking it on a few beauty blogs. While it was a close call, I chose, "shine of the times" (luxe effect top coat), reminds me of Auroa Borealis. I also opted to go with a nude color, "topless and barefoot", which is a creamy pinky tan color. Here is how it came out...

above: (in front) "shine of the times" luxe effects top coat by Essie
above: (in back) "topless and barefoot" by Essie

This is the finished product...hard to catch all the magic, but try it for yourself!!! 
**I also managed to get this buy one get one free at my local Walgreens, not bad for an $8 manicure!!!**

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  1. GREAT nail polish. Thanks for the heads up!!!!!