Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Boredom 101: Freestyle Battle Via IM.

Me and Jeri, most like the rest of the universe...when we are bored at work...we have rap battles via IM at work. Shout out to Microsoft Office Communicator for holding us down!!!Oh yeah, and God, right...every rapper has to thank God!

So here it is...Tell me who you think won...

Reynolds, Ashley

got you....A++. man Im the coolest

ice cube

4:13 PMMuhammad, Jeri L.
wacker then mase and yes i said it to ur face.

a++ mean a not nice


4:13 PMReynolds, Ashley
you weak you wack...

this my track...step back

step off

im the boss...

Rick Ross

4:15 PMMuhammad, Jeri L.
rick ross got rhymes but you cant have mines. No matter what u say, you arent smarter then ray. When i say ray i meant jamie because thats what he play. He was blind just like ur mind, but he has taste so mane get out my face!

b boy stance!

4:17 PMReynolds, Ashley
That was a smash...I mean fall...just be cause you tall don't mean you can ball...

lets face it...you words are lame

when you come correct...get at me maine!

drops the mic...


4:19 PMMuhammad, Jeri L.
aint no crickets here because im coming at your ear. Open wide because i will feed you some rhymes. Get with the lyrics because my lyric skills are sick. But holla at ya girl when u trying to roll in my world

take that take that (diddy voice)

4:20 PMReynolds, Ashley
absolutely not...can't believe you just said that out your mouth

you pigeon you bird fly down to the winter for the south.

chirp chirp...

thats right I said it...

and I will repeat it...


4:23 PMMuhammad, Jeri L.
You making animal noises but u aint saying nothing. Speak your mind and not read some one elses rhymes. Your flow its ill not in a good way but step your game up and get on the set and do it my way

4:27 PMReynolds, Ashley
I said it before and I meant it...just because you think you lyrics are money doesn't mean you speant it...im coming harder cause you think my ryhmes are foolery, drop a line, any line thats hotter than mine...


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