Thursday, January 26, 2012

Testing 101: Friendships, a Love Story!

I had a good friend last week, tell me and Jeri, that we weren't really true friends because our relationship hadn't been "tested". Tested? We both looked at each other in confusion, and asked him what he meant. He said, "You guys have never been through anything, and had to recover from it and see if your relationship could stay afloat. Me and Jeri looked at each other still confused, "Do you mean like, punch her in her face, and see if she will get over it? If we get through that, then we are "real friends"? Mind you, Jeri and I have known each other for the better half of six years, and if the relationship hadn't been "tested" we thought that was amazing! To go through six plus years without having and hurdles to jump. That's a milesone. Right?

A friend should now what boundries there are, and which bridges not to burn. Knowing these things, better yet knowing your friend, allows you to avoid "testing", the friendship. So after and hour of debating this, we came to a conclusion that our good friend had a skewed view when it came to friendships. When we saw skewed, we mean, that he hasn't had the time a friendship in which he could have someone to go to in he was in a pinch, or needed advise, or just wanted to annoy. If, he did try to reach out, there was a busy signal on the other end or text awaiting a reply. There comes a point when is a great friendship is not worth testing it to see how far you can push someone off the edge, but to know the distance you have come and to know you got there without any detours.

Do you think friendships must be tested in order to validate the relationship?

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