Monday, August 27, 2012

Junky Life: My Life According to My Iphone

I always find it interesting to see what people find important/interesting enough to capture in their iphone. Here are my most recent phots captured. Enjoy!

Junky Life: My Life According to My Iphone

1. Gold Boat Shoes that I snagged at Target on Clearnace!!
2. A LOL moment, describes me completely!
3.  A Cup of Joe at my favorite Cuban spot, Kuba Kuba. Brunch with my hubby is always great!
4. DIY, free iphone monogram wallpaper
5. Mini photo shoot as I was prepping to go out for my friends bday bash.
6. Stalking June Ambrose on Instagram, as you do when you are a fashion junky.
7. Starbucks Gold Memeber for another year.

Whats on your smartphone? Share with us!


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