Saturday, August 25, 2012

Junky Fix: Neon Statment Chain Link Necklace DIY

We all know that accessories can make or break an outfit. My rule of thumb is to concentrate on a statement piece to pull my outfits together. Whether its just for casual wear or to dress up for the night there is always room for a chunky piece of jewelry. The focus of this DIY is to create a neon chain link necklace that can be worn casually. For the past couple of seasons I have been feaning for anything neon; from shoes to blazers I have a little bit of everything in my closet. Why not add one more neon "essential" to my wardrobe? So, if you are in search of a Junky Fix for a Neon Color Craving, follow these steps........

Junkie Fix: Neon Statment Chain Link Necklace DIY

Things you will need:

Necklace (silver)-$2.99
Spray paint of any color of choice-$4.29
Clear fingernail polish-$7.79
60 minutes of DIY time- $FREE.99

Step 1: I started out with a silver chunky chain necklace that was purchased while on a thrifting adventure.

Step 2: I purchased a small can of neon (close to yellow) color spray paint. The spray paint was purchased from my local craft store, Ben Franklin Crafts (any craft store with spray paint will do). I chose one size of the necklace to spray paint. I took the necklace and spray paint outside and held the can roughly 12 inches away from the necklace. If sprayed close to the object, the paint will run. 

Krylon Short Cuts Spray paint

Step 3: I sprayed the paint approximately 12 inches from the necklace on both sides. I found it easier to lay the necklace down on a flat surface to spray one side, then flipped on the opposite side. I let it each side dry for 15 minutes. Then I put a second coat of spray paint on both sides. 

How to make a necklace, neon necklace, DIY

Step 4: I let the necklace dry for about one hour. Then, I started thinking of my next project, so time flew by!!

Step 5: After letting the necklace dry, I used my Essie Clear Fingernail Polish to polish over the spray painted area of the necklace. This sealed in the color and left a glossy finish.

Step 6: After coating the necklace. I let the entire necklace dry for another 30 minutes. After the polish dried, THIS WAS THE ENDING RESULT!!!!!!!!!!!

I added another chunky chain to for a layered look



I hope this has sparked some ideas. Chose any color and make a necklace, bracelet, etc. Its endless!!!!!!! Let us know how your DIY turns out!!!

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