Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Do's & Don'ts of Fashion

Fashion is a expression of indivuality, but there are certain gidelines that we recommend that you follow. These guidlines will allow you to optimize your style and stand out like the true fashion junky you are.

Fashion Do's:
                     Do what inspires you
                     Do whatever makes your style speak
                     Do what comes to mind
                     Do what will set you apart from everyone else

Fashion Don'ts:
                     Don't be afraid to venture out of the fashion norm
                     Don't underestimate your potential
                     Don't be afraid to adapt to a trend and make it yours
                     Don't shy away from trying something thats "out of the norm" for you once in a while

My style depends on the day and my mood- from closet classics to vibrant colors. At times I deviate from my comfort zone and thrown in something a little unexpected. My last and final tip...

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