Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Junky DIY: Monogram Lotion Pump

I was lucky enough to find this amazing seller on etsy by the name of GS Monograms that did very affordable monograms on vinyl. You have the option to choose between several different styles and colors, needless to say, I was in D.I.Y heaven. I was overwhelmed with ideas as to what I could do with the decal once I received it. Since, it was my first time making a transaction with the seller and not really knowing what the quality was going to be, I only ordered one (boy am I kicking myself now) monogram decal at the price of $3.75. Doing business with the seller was a breeze! Once my purchase was complete and it took about a week for the monogram decal to get to me.  Awaiting its arrival gave me just the right amount of time to finalize my plans for that bad boy.
I chose to monogram a lotion pump. Sounds dull I know, but wait until you see it later. Smelling good is a priority, just like the next girl, but I also like things to be pretty and unique. We all know that when it comes to purchasing lotion it's tough to find a bottle that is really appealing to the eye, and also smells good. I know, I know #girlproblems. What can I say, Lotion Pumpin' aint easy!

Anyways, I wanted to make something that I could leave out on my vanity or bathroom counter and not feel like I needed to hide it under the sink. Lord knows I would never find it again if I put it under there. Thats where all the other lotions and beauty chotchkies go to die. I couldn't bare another fatality.
THE CHALLENGE: I gave myself the challege of doing a D.I.Y at the cost of $5 or less, so I headed straight to my local dollar store to find the perfect container to put my lotion in. Pickins' were slim, but I managed to do it at the total cost of $4.80 with tax (including the decal of course). Well anywho, here is what the final product looked like. ENJOY!

Junky DIY: Monogram Lotion Pump

This is what the decal looked like when I first opened the envelope and the GS Monogram business card

The "lotion pump" aka soap dispenser I found at the dollar store. I cleaneed the surface before I placed the decal on the pump

I peeled the backing off the decal and then I centered the decal in the middle pressing firmly

Then I used something hard (that's what she said) to press all the letters onto the surfce of the pump

Then I gently peeled back the top layer of the decal

All done peeling

Then I went for the blow dryer to make sure that puppy stays put.

I applied heat to the decal for about 30 seconds


DIY Monogram, DIY bathroom organization, DIY makeup brush holder
Tadaaaaaaa!!!! The final product! Hope you try this at home.


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