Monday, April 30, 2012

Trip Part II: Barcelona, Ibiza y la moda.drogadictos.unió (Barcelona, Ibiza, and fashion.junkies.united)

As stated in our previous post; the second leg of the trip was Spain. We are just now starting to wake from the dream, but everything is still surreal!While in Spain. We traveled to both Barcelona and Ibiza. Both countries were rich in culture, history and architecture, but if I desperately had to choose, I would say Barcelona was my favorite part. From the jaw dropping sights to the unparalleled fresh food markets. Oh, and of course, we can’t forget about the sangriiiiiaaaaaa!!!!! This was definitely a trip of a lifetime. With all that being said, there are no amount of words I could write or even speak that would opitimize this journey more than pictures could. So, without further do,  Drummmmm rooooollllllll ppplllleeeeaaasssee (inserting pictures now)!!!!!!!

Is it safe to travel to Spain
Train to Gatwick

Gatwick to Barcelona

Our Hostel (skinny building on the left)

Random Casa

First meal in Spain (tapas)

The spread at QuQu

Tomato Bread (on every menu)


QUQU, best late night eats

Inside QuQu

QuQu wine
Me and Ashley in front of the Cathedral
Ashley in front of  Sagristia de la Catedral

Inside the cathedral

Market in La Ramblas (candy)


Fresh Fruit, Herbs and Spices everywhere

Fresh fruit salad and fruit kababs

Chocolate Heaven

La Ramblas (famous walking street)

Spains version of Sweetfrog (Fro-Yo)

Shopping in Mango

 1/100th of the outside of La Sagrada Familia

La Sagrada Familia

Look at the amazing detailing

A door inside of the Sagrada Familia (look at the Sudoku puzzle)

Plaza De la Sagrada Familia (l to r: Kim, Reana, Ashley, Jeri)


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  1. I would say Barcelona was my favorite part. From the jaw dropping sights to the unparalleled fresh food markets. barcelone ibiza