Friday, January 4, 2013


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As the glittler settles and the champange glasses empty we are left with two options: Go into the new year with a new outlook and new sets of goals, or ummm....NOT!!

When it comes to the new year, I don't need a Mayan calendar or a countdown at midnight to let me know times are changing and the years are winding down. Rather than create new year's resolutions that are doomed to fail (usually by Jan 2nd), and besides we don't like to feel restricted. Instead,  here is a list of everything we will DO and check in with you all on how its going. DEAL?

Ashley's 2013 TO DO LIST:

1. Be more patient
2. Take more risks
3. BLOG more
4. Share the LOVE
5. Give Back
6. Save more

Jeri's 2013 TO DO LIST:
1. Be more blunt and outspoken (but in a good way :-) )
2. Travel more
3.Be more spontanious
4. Limit my procrastination ( lets be honest, I can't totally give it up)
5. Blog more.Attend more blogger & fashion events
6.Thank God more

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  1. I love "share the love" as a goal - I'm all about that, too. Happy 2013!