Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Junky Epiphany: Ignore the Size on the Label (and 100th POST)

In general, we as fashion junkies, find gratification in the little things, and  squeezing into a size 2 or 4 are nothing short of those "little things". We (I say "we" so I dont personally feel singled out) equate wiggling into that LBD, one size smaller a success, rather than grabbing the "right" size and fitting in it comfortably. It's these small wins that bring such great joy to our lives. However, Im not sure if you can call it a victory if jumping up and down, lying down on the bed, or recruiting a special guest to help you zip/button that size 4 is a part of the "sucess". Needless to say, if there is any kind of struggle to put it on, guess what??? You shouldn't be wearing it! Rather, we should find it gratifying to find that piece tailored to our body, and that feels custom made just for you (YES YOU).

Whether it be a size 4 or 14, you want to make sure that item fits you the way the designer intended or the way you imagined it in your head (minus the screaming shirt buttons and the tugging fabrics). Come to think of it, I rather my clothes fit me perfectly than to try and wedge myself in the last size 4 on the rack. I know we all have seen the lone clothing item on the rack, and it being one size smaller than what we would typically pick up, we shrug it off and buy it anyway. We buy it, not only because it is the last one, but because we might be able to make the size work. ALMOST DOESN'T COUNT! Just because you kinda sorta can make it work by putting a jacket over the partially zipped zipper (we are all guilty)you buy it! #STOPTHEFOOLERY PUT IT DOWN!!!!!!!! You dont have to get it. Its strange we would feel more confident in a dress that is a size smaller than we would if  a dress actually fits you properly one size up.

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: Fashion Junkies slowly back away from the one size too small and find the size that is most flattering to your body even if that is a size 12. You're Welcome (you'll thank me later)!


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 photo by Sally M. Snell


- Ashley and Jeri!


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