Saturday, May 12, 2012

As Fashion Ages: Ashley's Birthday

So we just finished celebrating Ashley's Birthday. She isn't the type to enjoy the spot light ,so this year like many others ,we kept her birthday low key upon her request. Her husband planned a surprise dinner at her favorite pizza restaurant, Anna's Pizza (shot out to the cook for  fixing an amazing Margarita Pizza). Her close family attended and the night was filled with laughs and childhood stories. I was going to post a few embarrassing childhood moments that were told before she arrived, but she has so many on me I don't want her to leak those to the public. The night ended with a bang and the next day a few friends got together for happy hour at Cha Cha's Mexican Cantina . You can never go wrong with Mexican food, plus $0.50 tacos and a few drinks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!But needless to say, her birthday was celebrated with the people that truly love her along with but not limited to a few drinks and good laughs !!!!!!!!!!!!

Ashley doesn't like regular birthday cake, so I bought her favorite coconut pie and made her favorite cookies. This was the turn out. Tasty if I may add!!!!!!!!

The best Margarita Pizza

Birthday Girl!

Cha Cha's Three Amigos
(Pico de Galo, Queso, Guacamole)

Classic Drink: Bourbon & Ginger

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