Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Junkies Diary: Entry No.2

I found myself in deep thought this Tuesday afternoon, and not on my neverending stack of paperwork on my desk. Shhhh don't say anything. Im supposed to be working right now. About 15 minutes ago I updated my facebook status. Again, I know Im supposed to be working, but hey we all have a small case of ADD. It read, "A year from now, you will wish, that you would have started today." I thought the blurb was both inspiring and indicitive of my overall procrastination with getting healthy again. I feel, I am really going to do it this time. I am really going to get down to the 125 pounds, I have been trying to get down to for the past year or so. I have to, my closet is depending on me (shopping detox until I am back at a size 4). I AM DEPENDING ON ME!!!!!!

I Im looking for inspiration. Any exercise/weigthloss blogs you can recommend to me?

Let me know please comment below!!! Thanks!!!!!!!!

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