Monday, November 14, 2011

A Junkies Diary: Entry No.1

I was in the mood today to share something with you all besides my superficial obsessions. All addictions usually have deep roots; the keys is digging to find them. Since you all know me as basically a typing hand behind a computer screen I wanted to really intrduce myself to you! My name is Ashley (bka fashion.junkies.united or ashwoo10 on YouTube) the most common name of all time!! I actually don't care for my name very much. My name preceeds me as a boring, a copycat, that dreams of white picket fenses, and suburbia. THAT IS NOT ME AT ALL!!!! Although, I am extremely delighted my parents had the sense to give me a decent name! Morever, that  I can put my name down on a job application or resume and feel confident that it would not meet the trashcan before my objective is read.

Anywho....stating the obvious, I obsessed with fashion, both old and new. I have recently withing that past year or year and a half become increasingly addicted to thrift store shopping. Right now I think it trumps retail shopping. 1) because I live in a small city, and we have 1 H&M, 1, Forver21, and 1 Urban Outfitters, so after a while you see everyone wearing the same thing and 2) I love the thrill of the hunt 3) more bang for your buck. I don't know a single sould that does not get joy out of scoring an designer piece at 1/100 of the retail price. Really, I nabbed a Christian Dior pencil skir for $2. You can't beat that!!!!

Interior design and Party/Event planning is also a huge passion of mine. has been a catalyst for my creativity, and really has helped me create some unique pieces for my home. I hope to share those things with you all on my blog as well. As for event planning, I love see the seeing the excitement on the faces of my guest when I host an event. My next one will be around Christmas. I am hosting a Xmas party for my girls. That should be exciting. I will defintiely post pictures of that as well, and future events.

Lastly, I am a food junky. My husband (I also love being a wife) was extremely excited to have found this about me when he met me. He reeps the benfits of some great meals and some even better leftovers to take to work. However, he has also been a lab rat, and has suffered during the testing of a few experiements. It happens to the best of us.


This blog will reflect all my lifes obsessions. What are yours?

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