Saturday, March 24, 2012

Holiday Fun 101: St. Patricks Day event!

Left: Ashley and Right:Jeri in Savannah

When in Rome...Drink!

For St. Patricks day, Ashley and I along with a group of friends attended the parade in Savannah Georgia. We bar hopped all day Saturday and it was estimated to be the biggest St. Patricks event in the entire country. We attended a few roof top bars and watched a few basketball games. I was surprised how many VCU students were there. O sorry for the loss guys! The bars were filled with Green. From green shirts, to green shoes and I saw at least 3 females with green lipstick and green hair. Hey, why not go all the way. It was a blast. Ashley and I walked up and down River St and of course stopped off at the Marc Jacobs store. We couldn't resist in making a purchase. We have so many hilarious stories like when I bet a friend to ask for change on the side walk while singing Brittany Spear, "hit me baby one more time". He did it of course. Where was my camera when i needed it. Hope everyones St. Patricks Day was spent as well as ours!!!!!!!!

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